The Premium Package is for the true MC or artist. With this service, your music will shine among the best. We know the industry well enough to make your music hit radio channels. With the top of the line instrumentals and mastering techniques, there is no better package for the price tag it carries.

Beat Production

Whether you need a sick beat to go with your lyrics or a custom instrumental, it can be done by Dirtty Beats Entertainment! We make sure we stock only the best of the best, so you’ll never get a beat you are not completely satisfied with.

Complete Ownership

There are no strings attached, if you buy this package, the sky becomes your limit. Make as much money as you would like off of the music you make with our instrumentals. You will never be disappointed with the music that we produce because we compete with the best and we always end up on top. The music you give us will bring new listeners because Dirtty Beatz Entertainment will make your voice incredibly clear. With complete ownership rights, you can commercially make money on your music to a limit. To know these limits, please visit our Contact page.

Exclusive License

This package conveniently includes the exclusive license so you can use it to it’s fullest extent. If you have questions about our licenses, please send us a message here.